What to Do When Your Girlfriend Is Mad at You (10+ Steps to Take)

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It’s never easy when the person you care about the most isn’t happy with you, but don’t worry, you’ll get through it. It’s quite common for individuals in a relationship to clash or irritate one another from time to time—even when they’re in a perfectly good relationship! We’ve got your back if you want to revert back to the way things were. From little gestures to huge declarations of love, we’ll have you back on track in no time.

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Give her space if she asked for it.

Respect her desires if she requested some breathing space. She may be enraged right now, but she won’t be in a few hours or days. If she’s enraged, your initial instinct could be to put a stop to it as soon as possible by resolving the issue. She may not be ready for that, so if she needs a break, give it to her. Even if it doesn’t feel like it right now, this is definitely beneficial for you. This will allow you time to contemplate and decide how you want to approach the subject.

  • It’s very reasonable to feel disappointed, even if you realize you made a mistake. Be kind with yourself—everyone makes errors!
  • If the opposite is true and you need space but she needs to solve this right now, it’s perfectly OK to say, “I’m sorry if I upset you, and I do want to make things right, but I need to gather my thoughts first. I hope that makes clear; I’m not avoiding you or anything.”

Look at things from her perspective.

Take a deep breath and walk back for a minute. If your spouse is upset and you believe it is unwarranted, it is easy to become defensive, frustrated, or even indifferent. However, individuals seldom get enraged for no apparent cause, and just “fighting back” here would not help. Try to see things from her perspective and be honest with yourself about your actions. It will go much more easily if you admit what you did wrong (to yourself and to her). If you really believe you have no obligation here, you have two choices. You may attempt to explain why you believe you were correct, or you can simply let it go and apologize as if you were wrong, even if you don’t believe you were.
If you can’t see how you offended her, go for a stroll to clear your mind. It’s sometimes difficult to comprehend our behaviors while we’re in the heat of the moment, so take a pause.

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What to Do when Your Girlfriend Is Mad at You

Give her a sincere apology.

Don’t simply go through the motions; express your regret clearly. Make eye contact, recognize that you realize you done something wrong, and don’t attempt to blame her. Go ahead and explain why you did what you did, but don’t attempt to belittle your error. Answer any inquiries she may have. If she is still unhappy, ask her what you can do to make amends. If there is a time lapse between the commencement of the disagreement and the next time you speak, feel free to write your apologies down.
Even if you believe she has part of the guilt here, this is not the time to bring it up. Solve the problem first, and then analyse the scenario when the two of you are in a more productive frame of mind.

Let her vent a bit.

Take it like a champ if she has to express herself and it’s unpleasant. You don’t have to put up with any blatant abuse or anything, but if she feels forced to shout, weep, or strike out at you, let her. It’s not usually the best approach to deal with unpleasant emotions, but she may need to express them if she’s going to get over this. Try not to take it personally.

  • Do not, under any circumstances, strike out at her for lashing out at you. Screaming contests and fights begin in this manner. If you want to move on, you may have to let her say everything.
  • If she rips into you and sees you shaking your head and saying, “I understand,” she’ll probably realize how ridiculous she’s acting and cut it out.

Make it up to her.

You have the option of resolving the initial issue or doing something different for her. If she’s upset because you keep forgetting to clean the dishes, go do the dishes. But if she’s upset about something you can’t truly “fix” (for example, you said something hurtful that you can’t take back), show her you care. If you’re not sure what to do, ask her!

  • You may say, “What can I do to make amends? I’m feeling awful, and I’d want you to know how much you mean to me, so how can I do that?”
  • If you forgot it was date night or whatever, you might remark, “Look, I realize I made a mistake. Can I take you out the following week? I’d been preparing this great event for you, but I’d gotten the dates mixed up. Allow me to make amends.”

Demonstrate you’ve changed.

Show that you’re on the same page by not repeating your error. If you don’t show her that you’ve learnt anything from the dispute, she’ll be upset in the future. If she was upset because you didn’t contact her for two days, make an effort to call her every night you’re not together. Set reminders on your phone to wash the dishes, take out the garbage, or clean up if she was upset that you weren’t helping around the home. You apologized to her, so show her you mean it!
This might take some time. She’s unlikely to value a single gesture, but if you’re consistent and sensible, she’ll let go of whatever was bothering her.

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Make her smile.

After the serious discussion is ended, do something to make her laugh or blush. You know her best, so if she’s the sort of gal who enjoys a corny pickup line, give her your corniest one-liner. If she like heartfelt compliments, up the dramatization. Do whatever makes her smile her heart out to remind her that you two have a fantastic thing going.
If you make a little move to persuade her to grin and she shies away or doesn’t appear interested, let it go. Don’t force it.

Give her a big old bear hug.

Physical interaction will help you go forward. When she seems to be ready, either go for it or ask, “Can I give you a hug?” Simply wrap your arms around her and hug her. If she’s into it, you can also perform the “raise her off the ground” maneuver. Hugs have been scientifically proved to assist individuals overcome disagreement, and just having your arms around her should make her feel a lot better.
Again, if you ask for a hug and she refuses, let it go. Forcing someone to do something they don’t want to do is counterproductive.

Crack a joke if it was a silly fight.

Once the disagreement has been settled, humor may help you go on. This is only appropriate if the disagreement does not include anything significant. Though you’re just getting over something that really got to her, laughing about it may make it seem as if you’re making light of the matter. However, if you’re beyond it, this is a great technique to relieve stress.

  • For example, if she was upset with you for not sharing images of the two of you on Facebook, you might respond, “Boy, I can’t wait to forget to tell my Facebook friends about this.”
  • If she was disappointed that you hadn’t noticed her new haircut, you may grin and ask, “Did you do anything different with your brows?”
  • Consider her personality in this situation. This might be a dangerous approach if your partner is emotional or doesn’t get your sense of humor.

Review the conflict together.

Fighting is natural, but if there’s a lesson here, go through it together. If the two of you weren’t “connecting,” but there was some information to be gleaned, reviewing the event a few days or weeks later may be quite beneficial. If the two of you are getting along well, ask her if she wants to talk about what occurred. There may be a fruitful dialogue there.
“Hey, do you mind if we speak about that argument we had last week?” you could inquire. alternatively, “Can we talk about how to have more constructive disagreements when we’re angry at each other?”

Rebuild her trust in you if things went off the rails.

If you really dropped the ball, it may take some time for everything to return to normal. While you have no influence over how she feels, you may demonstrate to her that you are serious about improving. Try not to be annoyed by the fact that you’re in the dog house, and continue to show that you’re worthy of her confidence by being the best possible partner you can be. If the disagreement arises again, continue to apologize and give her time to vent.

  • If you were chatting to other females or doing anything important, she may take a long time to recover (and understandably so). Don’t argue if she requests to access your social media accounts or inquires about who you spend your free time with.
  • This should go without saying, but deliberately avoid doing whatever irritated her in the first place. If she freaked out when she discovered you spent a large portion of your joint bank account on a new automobile without first consulting her, don’t make any major purchases without first consulting her.
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What should you do when your girlfriend is mad at you?

10 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Laugh When She’s Angry
Set your ego aside and speak to her. “Ego” is one of the most serious issues in every relationship. …
Apologize to her…. Listen to her…. Hug her…. Treat her…. Make her laugh…. Be kind to her…. Make her feel cherished.

What should I say to my angry girlfriend?

33 Things to Say to Your Angry Girlfriend At You express regret. …
“I don’t like making you angry, but you’re just so hot when you’re enraged.” …
“Return to me.” …
“I hate arguing with you; what can I do to make it stop?” “I’m sorry if I offended you.

How do I deal with a short tempered girlfriend?

It is simple to deal with her if you follow these guidelines:
Maintain your cool!…
When she is not upset, ask her whether she would want to be alone when she loses her mind over anything or if she need your presence.
Don’t misinterpret her.
Create no reactions or make looks that indicate your indifference.

How do I make up to my girlfriend after upsetting her?

How to Apologize to Your Girlfriend
Allow credit where credit is due. What if you’ve given it some thinking and you don’t believe she’s correct? …
Congratulate her. A little flattery may sometimes go a long way. …
Compliment her on everything. …
Open up…. Make her supper…. Take her out….
Remember, this is not a competition.
Take your time thinking about it.

What to text a girl if she’s mad at you?

The first step is to express to her that you understand her sentiments. This manner, she knows you were paying attention to her and comprehended the issue. You may text something like, “I know you’re upset since I didn’t call when I said I would” or “I can tell you’re upset because of what I said.”

How do you get a girl to forgive you?

Articles of Interest
Express your remorse….
Describe what went wrong.
Accept responsibility.
Declare your intention to repent—and then follow through. …
Tell her you’ll take care of it. …
Request forgiveness.

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