What you can buy at Walgreens with Care Credit

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If you qualify, care credit can help you pay for your healthcare by allowing you to make payments on qualifying purchases. We’ll explain how care credit works, and how you can use it to pay for your medical care.

CareCredit Review | BEST Credit Card For Your Health
CareCredit Review | BEST Credit Card For Your Health

Key Takeaways

1. Walgreens accepts CareCredit.

2. CareCredit is a type of credit card account that lets you pay for out-of-pocket health care expenses.

3. You can use your CareCredit card to pay for prescriptions, and eligible over-the-counter items at Walgreens.

The 7 products to buy at Walgreens with Care Credit

The Walgreens pharmacy carries everything from Philips Sonicare and Revlon to Aveeno and Cetaphil.

The great thing about shopping at Walgreens is that almost all items on the pharmacy shelves have a low price. Some items are even 20 percent off, so you can save even more money.

The Walgreens pharmacy also offers other benefits like travel-sized toiletries and other unique items. They also carry more specialized items like medical creams and ointments as well as vanity items like curlers.

You can even find gifts and party supplies in the Walgreens store. You can shop by occasion to find the perfect gift. If you’re shopping for a birthday, holiday, or just a special occasion, the Walgreens store has you covered.

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How to apply to get a card

Offers valid for new consumer accounts only.

Offer cannot be combined with any other promotional offer. Limit one per customer.

Eligible purchases will incur no interest if paid in full within promotional period.

Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the promotional purchase is not paid in full within the promotional period. Minimum monthly payments required.

Account must be in good standing. See store for details.

A list of the most popular stores (online and offline) that can be paid with CareCredit

**Walgreens** – Probably the most popular drugs and medicine store in the US, this retailer offers over 8,000 products that can be paid for using the CareCredit card, including over-the-counter medicines; prescription medicine and vitamins; medical supplies and equipment such as crutches, wheelchairs, or blood-sugar testing kits; and much more.

**CVS** – CVS Pharmacy has 7,600 locations nationwide and offers a wide range of needs for families and individuals. With CareCredit, you can easily pay for your day to day needs including over the counter medicine, pain relief medications, and medical supplies such as bandages, blood pressure monitors, and blood glucose monitors.

**GNC** – GNC is well-known for its wide variety of vitamins and supplements. With CareCredit, customers can now purchase these products online as well as in stores.

**Hobby Lobby** – This crafting store offers just about anything that you can want to decorate your home. From wallpapers, wall art, and novelty signs to home accessories and seasonal items, you can now pay for these items using the CareCredit card.

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**Dollar General** – This discount store has a multitude of products for families and individuals. From cleaning supplies and toiletries to snacks and toys, you can now use CareCredit to pay for almost everything in this store.

**Reebonz** – This online retail store is known for offering luxury items at discounted prices. Buyers can take advantage of these discounts by paying for these items using CareCredit.

How to apply for CareCredit

Your role is just as important as anyone else’s in the family, especially if you don’t get paid. You may have more expenses to take care of than your spouse does, and these extra expenses can make it hard to make ends meet. Luckily, there are ways to get help paying for these expenses. Care Credit provides credit care, and allows you to pay for medical expenses at an agreed-upon time. You can apply for CareCredit online, and here are some things to keep in mind as you go along.

In order to apply for CareCredit, you’ll need to start by getting a username and password. You’ll need to enter your personal information very carefully, including your date of birth. Make sure that your date of birth is correct, because this information will be needed later. You may also be asked for your bank account information, but this is not required.

The next step is to answer some questions about your household and income. Answer these questions with as much honesty as you can. Your household size and current salary will be used to calculate what you can afford to pay back.

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Once you’ve completed the online application, you’ll receive a credit decision right away. If you’re approved, you’ll be able to choose a plan that’s right for you.

How CareCredit works

What is CareCredit?

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card specifically designed to pay for healthcare products and services. It can be used at nearly any healthcare retailer or service provider, including dentists, veterinarians, optometrists, dermatologists, and even massage therapists.

How CareCredit Works

It’s easy to apply. Just fill out the online application, get an instant decision, and if approved, you can use your card right away. If you qualify, you will receive an easy-to-understand billing statement that you can use to manage your healthcare expenses.

How It Helps with Medical Expenses

Applying for and using CareCredit can make it easier to manage medical expenses. And, in some cases, it may even provide treatment options that wouldn’t otherwise be affordable.

What you can buy at Walgreens with Care Credit

Walgreens is the leader of health, wellness, and daily living products and services in America. With the addition of the CareCredit card, you have access to our extensive line of products and beauty services at any of your local Walgreens stores.

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